JM3-jpeg.jpgWelcome to the Cozy Mystery Reading List!

Cozy Mysteries are a sub-genre of crime fiction featuring a lack of violence, gratuitous sex, and profanity. The murder generally takes place 'off-stage' and lack heavy descriptions of blood and gore, and any sexual activity is generally only implied. The protagonists can be found in any walk of life, ranging from inn-keepers, to monks, to professors, to ghosts, and anywhere in between. They almost always take place in a benign, genteel setting, where violence and crime are decidedly unexpected.

This wiki offers an annotated listing of our library's most popular cozy mystery authors, as well as some newcomers to the genre. Each entry is linked to the catalog page of the first title in each series available at the library.The information is listed by series, since there are too many titles to count, and is arranged by the following themes:

Also offered is the Additional Resources page, which features websites and blogs dedicated to cozy mysteries and other 'clean' reads, as well as printable Readers Advisor materials for use in the library.