800px-Cranbrook,_Kent.jpgFor More Information on Cozy Mysteries

  • Cozy Mystery List
    • This site offers an alphabetical listing of cozy mystery authors, as well as information about each of their series and any pseudonyms under which they write. Authors are searchable by theme, such as location or the protagonist's profession, as well. Be advised that not all authors listed write cozy mysteries and this fact is not always labeled on each entry.

  • Clean Cozy Mysteries
    • This blogger reviews and rates cozy mystery titles on the amount of violence, sex, and profanity.

  • The Cozy Library
    • "The Cozy Library has been designed for readers who enjoy a good cozy read. It is a place to learn about cozy books you haven’t read or to get to know your favorite cozy authors." This site is no longer being updated, but is still a useful tool.
  • The Agatha Awards
    • The Agatha Awards are awarded annually at the Malice Domestic convention to honor traditional mysteries. This site lists the winning titles of the current year and provides a link to past winners.

  • Madison Public Library's Cozy Mystery Author list
    • The Madison Public Library offers information about cozy mysteries and provides a list of suggested authors to try. Included in each entry is the name of the main character, their profession and their hometown.

For Suggestions On Other 'Clean' Reads

  • Good Clean Reads
    • Want a clean read, but a religious or inspirational book isn't quite what you are looking for? This blog is right up your alley! The author reviews books from a variety of genres and gives them ratings based on sexual content, violence and profanity.

  • Library of Clean Reads
    • This blogger reviews books that are free of explicit sex, profanity, graphic violence, and paranormal themes.

Readers Advisory Materials